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Granite Countertop Installation

Moreover, you can not in reality take your very own measurements, deliver it to the supplier, and assume them to arrive at your house, bringing the perfectly becoming slab. Don’t consider a supplier who takes your phrase for the measurements you hand to him!

What is wanted from you is an approximation of the size of the countertop template. This is for the purpose of providing you with an predicted fee of the granite countertop. However, the contractors might nonetheless ought to visit your place to take their very own measurements after you’ve got selected the particular piece you want on the showroom.

Once the measurements have been taken, you are again invited to the showroom for a final look at the piece your ordered, and some chicago countertop contractor could require 50% of the price at this point. When the set up has been completed, it is when you pay the closing balance.

Since you can not reduce prices at the set up itself, focus instead at the preliminary activities you want to do earlier than the set up of the granite countertop. You can prep the region via demolishing sections you can control. For instance, the elimination of the sink, the variety tops, and the antique countertop may be tackled at the same time as you’re looking ahead to the people to arrive.

Before the installation, you need to reinforce the prevailing template by using including metallic rods and plywood on pinnacle of the present cabinetry. This is extremely crucial due to the fact the template would have on the way to guide the load of the granite slab. The contractor will also have the ability to tell you at this point if there are any specialised equipment wanted for an smooth set up.

To make certain that the granite Kitchen Countertop might last a long time, they must be carefully leveled. The backside of the stone may have high and low areas and a small mistakes within the set up procedure can result in regions where dust, bacteria, and liquid can find its manner interior.

The granite slab ought to be cut to its genuine measurements with a diamond noticed. Contractors additionally dedicate attention to the site of the faucets, the sink, and the outlets and a way to seamlessly combine the new countertop with current built-in appliances.

The seams need to be perfectly sealed and the rims smoothened for a ideal end. You may additionally want to have trim inlays hooked up as properly, however don’t make any remaining-minute decisions. You can purchase them from the store at the equal time you’re looking for the granite countertop. A penetrating sealer is then implemented and the surface polished for a sleek and super-smooth finish.

Professional contractors might cost bucks to rent, however they’ll at least save you from the hassle of committing costly mistakes in this sort of big project.

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