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What Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Can Teach Freelance Writers About Staying on Top

AThe JenniferLuedersArt  John Mayer romance and subsequent breakup can teach freelance writers a factor or two.

Like actors and musicians, freelance writers struggle to land the subsequent gig. Actors –even Jennifer Aniston in some instances — should constantly audition. Freelance writers ought to continuously query. Acting is synonymous with being broke; freelance writing is likewise (only we’re not broke, we “battle”).

Jennifer Anniston, John Mayer and Lessons in Freelance Writing

Jennifer Aniston Media Blitz: Whomever Ms. Aniston dates seems to bring out the shutterbugs. But, when she hooks up with a person famous (eg, Vince Vaughn (Vaughniston)) or John Mayer, the obvious mild of the media is white warm.

The Jennifer Aniston lesson for freelance writers: Write in niches which might be pink warm. Technical writing and SEO copywriting are two that come to thoughts.

Jennifer Aniston Work Ethic: No depend what appears to be taking place with Jennifer, she continually appears to be headed proper into her subsequent challenge. From the out of doors looking in, I see that as proof that she does not get distracted with the aid of what’s stepping into her non-public life.

The Jennifer Aniston lesson for freelance writers: Remain expert at all times. Outside of contamination (you, your family) there’s not often an excellent excuse for missing a purchaser closing date. You must stay expert to hold your career on target. Missing a deadline due to the fact you were up crying half the night and preventing with your boyfriend isn’t any excuse. Client time limits should constantly be met.

Jennifer Aniston Health Habits: To be almost forty, Jennifer Aniston seems wonderful. And, at the same time as having money virtually bills for some of that, her obviously healthful habits are paying off as well as she a long time.

The Jennifer Aniston lesson for freelance writers: Take care of your self. Client cut-off dates can be unrealistic and downright brutal every so often. Freelance writers — because we work from home and may work 24-hours an afternoon — often installed long hours. It can be hard to mention — sufficient — and log out!

If you do not cope with your self, no person else is. Make time to workout, devour proper, and spend time with friends and circle of relatives. A balanced existence is as crucial for your fulfillment as a freelance author as completing a client project on time — consider this.

So, what took place to Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer’s Romance?

According to the eight/sixteen/08 article, John on Breakup with Jen: There Was No Lying, No Cheating, on People.Com, “Sources showed that the duo, whose whirlwind romance began in April, mutually determined to split earlier this week. Since the breakup, Aniston and Mayer have settled into their separate lives on distinct aspects of the us of a.”

And there’s even a contract writing lesson in that from John and Jen: Sometimes it just would not exercise session with a client. It would not suggest that they may be a horrific client or you are a terrible author — it is just which you want, want and assume various things (eg, costs, writing style, schedules, and many others.)

Jennifer Aniston’s romance with John Mayer can train freelance writers a lot — if they appearance beyond the headlines.

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